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SpongeBob SquarePants


It’s one of those nights where I’m tired but don’t want to sleep. Mind is too active. And I’m kinda craving some affection.

Anonymous asked: How tall are you?

Six feet & one and a half inches.

Anonymous asked: care to expand on some internal struggles?

I can’t school very well. And I get very lazy over certain things.

I’ve had many things easy for me growing up and now I have to figure things out independently. I have my social skills and general positive attitude I get complimented for, but sometimes I feel that’s about all I’ve got going for me. Nowadays you need a lot more than that to succeed.

I have more faith in me from strangers than myself.

One man at the restaurant said my smile and attitude will get me far. Another said I have an outstanding future ahead of me.

I want their kind words to make me feel good and warm inside. It is sweet. But I just don’t feel that can be guaranteed to someone with the internal struggles I carry.


Aubrey Plaza by juco