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SpongeBob SquarePants

It’s one in the morning and I’m falling into the poisonous habits, the temporary fix but long term sorrow. I am aware and angered but trying to ease it all as I play Evaporar by Little Joy on my guitar. Unfortunately it’s also just a temporary ease. This is a problem.

I wish I had photographer friends to do projects with frequently.


Oblivion Bay  
Today my friend Omar and I went on a hike. He ended up going swimming even though the fog had set over the water and made the park a little chilly. It was fun to be out in nature though, I hope to hike more this summer with friends. 

Florence, Oregon


"Ooga Booga" © 2013

Ok so Bombay was an incredible concert experience oh my gooodddd. And I made friends who said I made them feel hyped up!! My dancing and total free spirit at concerts makes people feel good!! Life is good!!!